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Antibody Testing

Why Is Viral Testing & Antibody Testing Important?

As the world’s nations begin to strategize about the safest plan to reopen life on the other side of the coronavirus cure, accurate and real time information for all individuals is necessary.

We must know who has been infected with COVID-19 and whether they are immune.

Testing for the New Reality

The Test That Defines The New Frontier

Our platform technology seeks to detect specific proteins in an individual's blood, known as antibodies, which your immune system develops to combat viruses, such as COVID-19. Measuring and quantifying the specific antibodies present in an individual could help determine just how prevalent the disease is and whether an infected person who recovered has developed an immunity. That’s particularly important for a virus like this one, which seems able to spread before an individual exhibits symptoms, or when their symptoms are mild.

Family Coronavirus Coverage

Testing Is A Priority for Everyone

Antibody testing is a critical tool to help end the crisis by identifying those who have been infected with COVID-19 but have also developed an immune response. The Families First Act and CARES Act, will allocate $2.2 trillion in support to individuals and businesses affected by the pandemic and economic downturn.



Working jointly with our partner Albany Medical College, FluroTest seeks to advance the Platform Technology developed by FluroTech to rapidly detect the presence and viral load (quantity of viral particles per ml), with the 2019 novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (or “COVID-19”) as the initial target virus.
The detection of the of the virus will be mediated by specific antibodies targeting Covid-19. Additionally, the use of harmless virus particles/components (ex. capsid, spike proteins, among others) could allow for the detection of anti-SARS-CoV-2 human antibodies in a patient’s blood sample, potentially confirming the development of immunity. The goal is to utilize specific fluorescence-labeled antibodies with the ability to target a specific virus and/or labeled virus components.


FluroTest’s technology development efforts require unique expertise in spectroscopy and fluorescence as well as immunology and virology. This initiative is a collaborative effort between U.S. and Canadian scientists with deep experience in their respective fields.
For immunology and virology expertise, FluroTest has partnered with Albany Medical College’s (AMC) immunology and microbial disease department. AMC is located in the State of New York. The Department’s research team is led by Dr. Dennis Metzger, professor and chair of the department. Dr. Metzger’s research program concentrates on mucosal immune responses and the mechanisms responsible for viral-bacterial synergy in the lung. AMC is in a unique position to begin large scale sample collection and clinical trials which will assist in obtaining regulatory approvals including the FDA.
For fluorescence spectroscopy expertise, the Company is relying on FluroTech’s laboratory at the University of Calgary, led by Dr. Elmar Prenner. Dr. Prenner is the original developer of the technology owned by AB Photonics. Dr. Prenner, a professor at the University of Calgary within the department of Biological Sciences, serves as senior science advisor of FluroTech and brings over 28 years of expertise in fluorescence spectroscopy.